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We’re GoReminders!

Both of our co-founders have personal experience with no-show appointments. Their family run practices in the medical, financial, and IT industries were plagued by one problem that wasted entirely too much time and energy: no-show appointments.

We built GoReminders to solve that problem.

Jonathan started an appointment-based small business in 2002: an IT consulting firm. After years of his team helping small businesses streamline their technology systems, we created GoReminders to help businesses like yours save time and increase revenue.

With a deep commitment to making GoReminders a product that we would love to use, our focus is on delivering value but keeping the product as easy to use as possible. In fact, we use GoReminders for our own sales meetings and Justin’s mom, one of our first customers, still uses the platform to this day!


Team members

Jonathan Zacks – Co-founder / CMO

Justin Svrcek – Co-founder / CTO

Brittany Vera – Customer Success & Marketing 

Jocelle  Guimoc – Customer Support 

Cody Barge – Marketing

Sara Walker – Marketing

Arek Rzadkowolski – Engineering

Igor Nastarowicz – Engineering

Paweł Wawrzyński – Engineering

Roman Brunda – Design

Melody Doromal – Executive Assistant 

Katharina Auberger – Social Media

Our focus is on helping you grow your business by saving you time and enabling you to increase revenue. We love your feedback, and that is what fuels our energy as we continuously improve our product.